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    by Published on 10-11-2013 08:29 PM

    The ZTE Prelude is now available for free when you sign up for a $55 or $70 a month Android smartphone plan.



    • 2MP camera for pictures and video
    • 1.0 GHz processor for snappy performance
    • 3.5" full touchscreen
    • PC-like web experience with the Chrome browser
    • Android 4.1.1 (Jellybean)
    by Published on 10-10-2013 06:46 AM
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    Credit for this information goes to mircury from XDA Developers. The Tmobile Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a great candidate for use on AIO Wireless. All bands are supported so expect to have LTE connectivity on a device with a factory unlocked bootloader.


    This is for people who have AT&T Service and are looking at the T-Mobile US Note 3.

    Why are people wanting to use a T-Mobile Note 3 on AT&T?

    Because AT&T much like Verizon has tried to lock down their phones making it very difficult to use custom ROM's or apps that require root. AT&T and Tmobile's networks are similar. The N9005 is not an option since it does not have the required LTE bands.

    As of 10/7/2013 root has been obtained for the AT&T version. This means that apps that require root will work fine. Custom ROM's and kernels still remain out of reach at this point for the AT&T version.

    Does it support ALL bands used by AT&T?

    Yes it supports all bands used by AT&T. Full ...
    by Published on 09-17-2013 10:03 PM

    Just in case you changed from a device requiring a Micro SIM to one that uses a Nano SIM....

    You should be able to find the tools you need around the house. No visiting a cell phone shop.

    If you plan on doing this frequently, you can purchase a SIM card cutting tool for dirt cheap.

    Nano SIM Cutter Tool: nano sim cutter | eBay
    Template: How To Convert Micro SIM To Nano SIM For iPhone 5 | Redmond Pie ...
    by Published on 09-13-2013 08:03 AM
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    This is a general tutorial to get the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 to work on GSM networks. We're basically doing the same thing to get it on AIO Wireless. The source of this information is lair12 @ XDA. I don't have a Verizon S3 in my possession anymore.

    I've posted the information from 106 below this and my comments about the use of CM below that.


    Using Samsung Galaxy as World Phone (stock ROM)

    Go to PAGE 11, POST #106 to see a simplified method. If this works well, please reply with your results in this thread.

    I have had success with my SGS3 in the following places:
    UK using Vodaphone
    Rome using TIM
    Morocco using Maroc Telecom
    Russia using MTC
    Finland using DNA
    India using Vodaphone
    Nepal using Ncell

    My Phone: Verizon Galaxy S3, rooted with stock ROM and with Sprint version of custom recovery (other ROM's and recoveries may work as well.)

    Preliminary steps that were done before leaving the US:

    a1 – From Google Play store install the following apps if you do not have them: APN Manager Pro (81 Square), HiAPN Global (install as a system program when it asks), ES File Explorer, Dropbox, Phone Info (sc@taiwan), Titanium Backup and Open Signal Maps.

    a2 –Backup your phone app: com.android.phone with Titanium Backup. (I suggest you do a full backup of all apps and data as long as you are doing this).

    a3 – Open HiApn Global and back up APN's to sd card: HiAPN Global>Click to Backup APNs (this will create a file named “apnlist_backup.xml” on your internal SD card at /sdcard/HiDroid_Net/HiAPN).

    a4 – Open ES File Explorer, then go to menu>settings ...
    by Published on 09-13-2013 07:42 AM

    Note: You might need to downgrade your firmware for this to work. The method was posted by kaleido @ XDA Developers.

    For more information, please visit How to SIM unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-M919 (tested - works) - Updated: 7/2/13 - xda-developers.


    Hi Everyone,

    I'm a long time lurker and benefited greatly from the postings here at xda.
    So I'd like to contribute something back.

    After trying many methods and reading all the posts in the various S4 forums, I finally found a way for SIM unlock that works for me.

    I have tested it, and it works on my T-Mobile S4.

    Credit to these posts:

    • Is this for real? Does it really unlock?
    by Published on 09-02-2013 02:13 PM
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    By mid month (September) you should be able to become an AIO Wireless subscriber. The initial roll out is complete (Houston, Orlando, Tampa, etc), and they're ready to go nation wide.

    You may not find a brick and mortar location, but you can always order online. Press release below.


    Aio Wireless(TM) Available Soon for All U.S. Customers

    Starting mid-September all U.S. customers will be able to purchase first-class, no-contract wireless from Aio online Plus, new Aio customers who activate service by Sept. 29, 2013, can get their third month of service free**
    by Published on 08-31-2013 09:27 AM

    AIO Wireless is having a promotion for new customers.



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